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Besides being one of the most acclaimed videogames in history, GTA V has become an immediate bestseller, with its release generating enormous hype among the millions of GTA lovers around the world.

To mark the game's release, RockstarGames has launched a series of wallpapers so fans can customize their desktops with their favorite characters from the saga.

Now you can have Michael, Franklin, or Trevor on your desktop, as well as any of the other major or minor characters from the game.

The customization possibilities that you get with this official release are exhaustive, with wallpapers for PC desktops in all available sizes, as well as versions for PSP, Vita, iPad, iPhone 4, and iPhone 5, as well as BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Pearl, and Curve, meaning you can take your GTA V images with you wherever you go.

Customize all your devices today with awesome wallpapers from the latest hit from the GTA saga.